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English summary


Plan1 is a group of independent, network of business consultants that have specialised in advising businesses with ambitions to move forward. We are mainly targeting small and medium sized companies in central Norway, but we have all a national and international experience and network.

Members of the Plan1 group are experienced consultants with a broad variety of backgrounds. We are educated at universities and colleges with additional specialised education. The theory is blended with solid life experience and practical business experience from several trades. We have worked with companies that have successes, failures and turnarounds, and it is highly probable that at least one of us has met problems and opportunities like yours, earlier.

The Plan1 group is led by a project coordinator and we meet regularly to discuss mutual business challenges.

For further information please contact our coordinator Mr. Jørn-Erik Aaserud

Våre tjenester

  • Innovasjon og nyskaping
  • Organisasjon og ledelse
  • Styre og styrearbeid
  • Internasjonalisering
  • Økonomistyring
  • Markedsføring
  • Markedsstrategi nye medier
  • Salgsledelse og personlig salg i B2B markedet
  • Produktivitets- optimalisering
  • Rekruttering
  • Etablering av ny virksomhet
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  • Butikksalg og ledelse
  • Samarbeid i ledergruppen
  • Management for hire
  • Virkemiddelapparatet
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